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Get rid of incorrect citations for Australian art prize finalist exhibitions in your cvc and replace them with the correct names. 4 simple steps: - type your name - review the prize exhibitions listed - you can add to them or edit them - email the list to yourself - copy and paste into your cv ** Free to use and no registration required.

ArtBiographies - visualising exhibition relationships between artists

Our datasets of exhibition history and artists enables researchers to find and visualise exhibition relationships between artists in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

ArtBiogs Oct 2020

A brief overview of the Home screen (showing current subscriptions) and the new plugin called "Global Search" which enables you to type in an artist's name and see which databases they appear in.

ArtBiogs Explainer 4:30mins

We publish a comprehensive set of databases covering contemporary and historical art exhibitions in Australia. Updates are made daily.

Hadley's Art Prize 2019 - Walkthrough

We hear the call for entries and sometimes we even hear who wins the prize. But, if the finalists' exhibition is out of town we probably never get a chance to see it. So, take this opportunity to walk with me through the Hadley's Art Prize.

2019 Ramsay Art Prize walkthrough

On a walkthrough of the 2019 Ramsay Art Prize I was left wondering what was the context and relationship between the 23 selected works. It was a bit of a jumble. I think it incumbent on the prize to explain why these particular works were selected so that we can make some sense of the exhibition.

Walkthrough the 2019 Archibald & Wynne Prize

5 reasons to subscribe to Art Prizes Planner

Get better organised for entering art prizes and competitions with the Art Prizes Planner.

Help Desk - Let me show you the Art Prizes Planner Landing Page

Viewing prizes calling by genre/state/prize money etc is easily done by selecting the sort value from the dropdown.

Help Desk - The Art Prize's Details screen

If you only watch one of our Help Desk videos this is it. Here is one screen that has been designed to help artists with following art prizes.

Help Desk - list your prize for free on the Art Prizes Planner

There are great advantages to you when your prize is listed with Your prize can be viewed and shared by artists all year around and they can follow your prize on their watchlist. It also means that in future years, all you need to do is update the dates/prize money/judges and it is current.

Help Desk - List all art prizes

Even when prizes are not calling you can still view information about them from Say you want to plan for photography or sculpture prizes that aren't calling but will be soon. Just go to List all art prizes and type 'photography'. Or you want to see prizes from WA. Just type 'WA' and the list of prizes from WA is displayed.

The Celeste Prize 2017

The Celeste Prize 2017

Parkin Prize 2017

This video is about Parkin Prize 2017

Clearwater Sculpture Prize

The Clearwater Sculpture Prize

Cultural Tours to India & Burgundy

Cultural Tours to India & Burgundy with Gabrielle Jones

A.M.E. Bale Travelling Scholarship & Art Prize

An interview with Diane Soumilas coordinator of the A.M.E. Bale Travelling Scholarship & Art Prize

Thailand Painting Holidays

An interview with Jeremy Holton from Thailand Painting Holidays

The Lynx Prize (Italy & Croatia)

An interview with the curators from the Lynx Prize. This prize is open to artists from all nationalities and all ages. It offers the finalists exposure to curators and critics from around the world.

Parkin Drawing Prize (NZ)

Interview with Chris Parkin founder of the Parkin Drawing Prize

Brisbane Art Prize (Australia)

The Brisbane Art Prize

Celeste Prize (Italy & UK)

This is an interview with Steven Music, Founder of the Celeste Prize, in April 2016.

Bruny Island (Australia)

Interview with the Bruny Island Art Award's curator.

Black Swan Prize for Portraiture (Australia)

Interview with Tina Wilson from the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture and Martin Shub from Art Prizes. Entries close 22.07.2016

Bowness Photography Prize (Australia)

The Bowness Photography Prize

Mandorla Art Award (Australia)

An Interview with Kristy Gough from the Mandorla Art Award

Sunshine Coast Interview (Australia)

This is an interview I did with Janine Symons from the Caloundra Regional Art Gallery, for the Sunshine Coast Art Prize

Bluethumb Art Prize (Australia)

Interview with the Bluethumb Art Prize