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The Celeste Prize 2017

The Celeste Prize 2017

Parkin Prize 2017

This video is about Parkin Prize 2017

Clearwater Sculpture Prize

The Clearwater Sculpture Prize

Cultural Tours to India & Burgundy

Cultural Tours to India & Burgundy with Gabrielle Jones

A.M.E. Bale Travelling Scholarship & Art Prize

An interview with Diane Soumilas coordinator of the A.M.E. Bale Travelling Scholarship & Art Prize

Thailand Painting Holidays

An interview with Jeremy Holton from Thailand Painting Holidays

The Lynx Prize (Italy & Croatia)

An interview with the curators from the Lynx Prize. This prize is open to artists from all nationalities and all ages. It offers the finalists exposure to curators and critics from around the world.

Parkin Drawing Prize (NZ)

Interview with Chris Parkin founder of the Parkin Drawing Prize

Brisbane Art Prize (Australia)

The Brisbane Art Prize

Celeste Prize (Italy & UK)

This is an interview with Steven Music, Founder of the Celeste Prize, in April 2016.

Bruny Island (Australia)

Interview with the Bruny Island Art Award's curator.

Black Swan Prize for Portraiture (Australia)

Interview with Tina Wilson from the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture and Martin Shub from Art Prizes. Entries close 22.07.2016

Bowness Photography Prize (Australia)

The Bowness Photography Prize

Mandorla Art Award (Australia)

An Interview with Kristy Gough from the Mandorla Art Award

Sunshine Coast Interview (Australia)

This is an interview I did with Janine Symons from the Caloundra Regional Art Gallery, for the Sunshine Coast Art Prize

Bluethumb Art Prize (Australia)

Interview with the Bluethumb Art Prize

Introduction to the Art Prizes website

Overview of the website including the calendar, filtering prizes, adding prizes to your watchlist and adding prize dates to your Outlook or google calendar.