Muswellbrook Art Prize

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Applications close
12 February 2024
23 March 2024
Prize money
AUD $70,000
NSW, Australia
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Muswellbrook Art Prize

Since 1958, the Muswellbrook Art Prize has grown and evolved and is today one of the richest prizes for painting in regional Australia.

Finalists for the Muswellbrook Art Prize vie for a total of $70,000 prize money across three prize categories: Painting ($50,000 acquisitive), Works on Paper ($10,000 acquisitive), and Ceramics ($10,000 acquisitive). Astute adjudication of the Prize over the years has yielded an excellent collection of modern and contemporary Australian paintings, works on paper and ceramics from the Post War period of the 20th Century and into the 21st Century, with the winning acquisitive works forming the nucleus of what is now known as the Muswellbrook Shire Art Collection.

Previous winners of the Muswellbrook Art Prize include such key figures as David Aspden, Sydney Ball, Richard Larter and Fred Williams. The Upper Hunter Region is also well represented with a number of local artists being successful in winning the Prize including Peter Atkins, Dale Frank, Lyn Nash and Hanna Kay.

Along with Muswellbrook Shire Council, who since 1958 has acted as sponsor and administrator of the Muswellbrook Art Prize, Bengalla Mining Company has generously sponsored the Prize for close to three decades, their commitment ensuring the development of the Muswellbrook Shire Art Collection.


  • Painting Prize - $50,000

  • Works on Paper Prize - $10,000

  • Ceramics Prize - $10,000

Venue: Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre, 1-3 Bridge Street, Muswellbrook NSW 2333

Contact: For more information call 02 6549 3800 or email

Application dates
10 November 2023 - 12 February 2024
Exhibition dates
25 March 2024 - 25 May 2024
Finalists notified
23 February 2024
National Entries
Prize frequency
To be announced with finalist announcement.
Prize genre
Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre, Muswellbrook, NSW
AUD $70,000
An entry fee of $45.00 for paintings and $25.00 for works on paper and ceramics. A commission of 35% applies to sales.
Last updated
23 February 2024
Prior Winners
2024: Catherine O'Donnell - Works on Paper Prize ($10,000)
2024: Eleanor Louise Butt - Winner ($50,000)
2024: Shaun Hayes - Ceramics Prize ($10,000)
2022: Rachel Milne - Winner ($50,000)
2021: Sally Stokes - Winner ($50,000)
2019: Martin King - Works on Paper ($10,000)
2019: Merran Esson - Ceramics Prize ($10,000)
2019: Sacha Jeffrey - Winner ($50,000)
2018: Alec Baker - Winner ($50,000)
2017: Geoff Harvey - Winner ($50,000)
2017: Vipoo Srivilasa - WInner Ceramics ($10,000)
2015: Nick Fergusson - Winner ($40,000)