Bluethumb is still selling art, still shipping, still working with artists

Posted 2 April 2020 06:22 PM

In these uncertain times, the art community’s health, safety and wellbeing are our number 1 priority.


With this in mind, we wanted to keep you all updated on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation here at Bluethumb, Australia’s largest online art gallery. We’re following all the necessary precautions and our approach is to be proactive and on the front foot.

The good news is that being an online business, we’re one of the lucky ones that can continue to trade normally. Despite the shutdowns and border closures, freight and home deliveries are considered essential services and will remain open.

After an initial dip in sales and collectors browsing our site during the first few days of shutdowns, we’re now seeing more people coming back and some strong sales. We’re also seeing an increase in new users as the displaced art community look for online alternatives. One of our biggest strengths is the sheer diversity of art and artists our platform hosts. Our huge community of over 170,000 Australian art fans is growing by the day and there are still many collectors wanting to support local Australian artists through these difficult times and buying on Bluethumb. It’s been amazing to see.

We foresee stronger growth over this year as we continue to build out amazing technology making more first time collectors aware of the benefits of buying art online and making it even easier to find artwork they connect with.

Working from home, or on their own in a studio, is something our artists are very used to. Many are more inspired than ever and they continue to list incredible new works every day. 

If you’re an artist and would like to join us, click here to start selling today.

As members of the Indigenous Art Code, we're proud to partner with over a quarter of Australia's remote Indigenous art centres and support them during this time of mass shutdowns. We’ve welcomed many new centres in the last two weeks and seen our existing partners list more works than ever.

Despite important upcoming markets and exhibitions being cancelled, we'll keep sharing these new artworks with Australia's collectors direct from art centres, and support remote Indigenous artists, their families and their communities during this time when they need it more than ever.

Our awesome team are also working from home and are not only used to doing this, but well-equipped, so you shouldn’t notice any changes to our services.

It can be really tough staying at home with so much uncertainty in the world right now, so it’s important to stay connected and find community where we can. Connect with artists and art fans alike on our Instagram and share smiles, joy and positivity during a challenging time.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay connected. These are testing times, but our incredible art community will get through this together.

We’re still selling art, still shipping and most importantly still supporting artists and our Indigenous art centre partners


Your team at Bluethumb